Utility Sign Up, Stop or Transfer Service

What do I need to start service?
We ask that you provide the following information in order to complete the utility application today:

  • Service Address
  • Date you need the service ( Note: Please allow 2-3 business days to process requests. )
  • Mailing Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Requires Social Security Number (Residential) or Federal Tax ID Number (Commercial)
  • Requires valid drivers license or valid ID.
  • A copy of your signed lease, if renting, will be required at the end of the application process.

What do I need to stop or transfer service?

  • Ecare account number and PIN

Your social security number and date of birth are being requested for verification of your identity to perform a utilities check, and may be used to collect any debt owed to the City. However, if you elect not to disclose Social Security Number, you will be subject to pay a higher deposit.

Utility Deposits

  • Water or Sewer Deposit - $75
  • Electric Deposit - $150
  • Combined Water, Sewer, and Electric Deposit - $150
  • A letter of good credit from a previous utility provider will be accepted in lieu of a monetary deposit.

All residential customers must establish credit prior to the connection of utility service. The City Of Concord runs a utility credit check at the time of application to determine customer identity as well as check for previously charged off utility accounts. Once established, disconnection for non-payment, returned checks, or bankruptcy will subject customer to deposit schedule for reconnection of service. Utility deposits may be returned upon request, without interest, following 12 consecutive months of on time payments. A letter of good credit may also be accepted and a deposit will be waived upon approval by the City.

NOTE: If you need to obtain new commercial, industrial, or new construction water or wastewater connections, water meters, irrigation services, or electrical services please call Customer Care at 704-920-5555.